Our commitment to safety Safety

Marmalade Skies takes your personal safety seriously and requires all off our private jet charter operator members to adhere to the highest safety policies and practices.

Rated the Best in Safety.

Our elite group of operator members hold either a Wyvern or Argus safety certificate and must carry at least $200 million in liability insurance on each flight.

Operator Safety Standards.

Not all private jet charter operators make the cut! Marmalade Skies' safety standards insure that only the safest operators in the industry will be flying you where you need to go. We've limited our exclusive operator membership network to the top fifty companies with the newest private jets and the safest pilots.

Flight Safety Review.

As a Marmalade Skies member, each time you fly a private jet charter with us, you'll have the chance to personally review the safety status of your selected aircraft and crew with one of our flight specialists. We'll guide you though the jet selection process and vet the age, total time and maintenance status of the aircraft. You'll also have peace of mind to be able to learn about the pilot's dossiers which, includes the total time in a particular aircraft type, total flight hours as pilot-in-command and medical ratings too.

Going the Extra Mile.

Upon request and whenever possible Marmalade Skies will perform an onsite inspection of the aircraft you've interested in selecting. We'll make a short two-minute video of the interior of the cabin and share it with so you'll be can see first hand what it looks like.

Before every flight we check Safety-turbine
  • Operational control of the aircraft.
  • The operator's safety records and current FAA Part 135 air charter certification.
  • That the private jet charter operator meets Marmalade Skies' insurance requirements.
  • The pilots' experience in the private jet charter aircraft you're flying aboard.
  • The pilots' certification and type ratings.
  • That the pilots' medical and training requirements are up to date.

You won't find a company that is more committed to it's valued member's safety and security, than Marmalade Skies.

Marmalade Skies operates on behalf of its registered members and serves as their auction agent. It does not own or operate aircraft. All charter flights are operated by FAA Certified Part 135 and or Part 121 air carriers.