How Marmalade Skies Works

For Travelers

Picture yourself on board a sleek private jet for an incredible price, no matter where you're headed. With the easy-to-use Marmalade Skies auction site, your commercial airline days are so over.

Flight Requests.

Are you already a buyer of private jet charter services on a regular basis? List your Flight Request on Marmalade Skies and get the transparent pulse of the market at your fingertips. Let the SAFEST operators with the newest fleet of private jets make offers on YOUR flight and SAVE!... List now

Halo Flights.

If you're an owner of a private jet Halo Fights enables you to create a special opportunity to auction off a meet and greet on board your airplane to support your charitable organization. The proceeds from your lot will benefit your charity directly. What a trip.™ Finally there is a way to fly high and do good! ... Learn More

Flash Seats.

Or maybe you're the spontaneous type. You feel like getting on board a luxurious King Air-350 and jetting to Nantucket for the weekend or jumping on a regional carrier for some fun in the sun. Go for it - Flash Seats lets you buy-it-now on sale up to 60-minutes before wheels up... Buy now

Empty Legs.

Let's say you missed your flight from Aspen to Los Angeles due to bad weather. Why not fly home in STYLE with your family and friends aboard a luxurious private jet charter. Marmalade Skies makes it possible with on an Empty flight... Bid now

Our Commitment to Safety.

Marmalade Skies takes your personal SAFETY seriously and requires all off our operator members to adhere to the highest safety policies and practices... Learn More 

VIP Customer Service.

Our team is made up of industry veterans that know their way around the tarmac. We can help you select the right aircraft for your next private jet charter. Need to know before you go? Just ask and we'll be delighted to provide you with some guidance and a flight assessment that covers the current SAFETY status of the aircraft and crew you've selected before you place your order.

What's a Empty Leg flight?

When a private jet charter flies back home, it's typically filled with empty seats. The industry calls this a Empty Leg flight. You'll call it a rare opportunity to bid on a flight, save big, and fly in style.


For operator partners

Think of Marmalade Skies as the Priceline and eBay of private jet travel. 

When buyers and sellers come together in a transparent marketplace the process of buying and selling becomes fairer for everyone. 

Flight Requests.

Grow your business by making offers on our member's flights. Say goodbye to time and resources spent on responding to all those "call for quote" scenarios that generate poor quality sales leads – Go direct to the consumer with Marmalade Skies and start generating more revenue today... Sign Up

Empty Legs.

Drive incremental revenue like never before. List your Empty Leg and One-Way flights within 24-hours from your window of departure. Stop leaving all that money on the table. Use our B2C platform and grow your business by partnering with us... Sign Up

Flash Seats.

Turn those empty seats into cash by listing your last-minute available space on qualifying flight legs up to 60-minutes before wheels up on a firm buy-it-now basis. No customer bidding... Sign Up

Marmalade Skies operates on behalf of its registered members and serves as their auction agent. It does not own or operate aircraft. All charter flights are operated by FAA Certified Part 135 and or Part 121 air carriers.