Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to do to bid? Back to top

First, tell us a little about yourself like your name, contact information, billing address and payment information. It's a simple, 3-step registration process that takes just a few minutes. When you're done, you can place bids, create a watch list of flights you're interested in, and modify your account settings. Questions? Email info@MarmaladeSkies .com or call (203) 650-5166 Monday-Friday 9 AM - 6 PM ET.

I haven't won anything. Why do you need my credit card information now? Back to top

When you win an auction, we'll process your credit card right away for the winning bid amount, plus the Federal Excise Tax that equates to 7.5% of the total flight charges plus $3.90 per leg per passenger. Your credit card will only be charged if you're an auction winner.

Does it cost anything to join the site? Back to top

Not a dime. Your credit card will only be charged if you're an auction winner.

What security measures does Marmalade Skies use to keep my personal and credit card information safe? Back to top

This is serious business, so safeguarding your personal information is of the utmost importance to us. We adhere to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is a set of requirements around data security that covers areas like security policies and their enforcement, system and network architecture, software design, and monitoring and testing. All transactions are conducted via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted channel. Your credit card information and other personally identifiable information (PII) is never sent in plain unencrypted text. Transaction information is stored in a secure and encrypted manner. From a physical security standpoint, our servers are maintained in a secured, limited-access hosting center. Our employees have access to your name and contact information, but no one has access to your credit card information.

Can I monitor items I'm interested in but not bidding on? Back to top

You sure can. Log into your Marmalade skies account. Find the flight you are interested in and click the ‚'Watch Button'. Now you can keep track of the closing date, next minimum bid and number of bids from your ‚'My Account' page. You can remove an item from your watch list from your Account page or by clicking the Watch Button again.

Can children bid on flights? Back to top

Sorry 'Junior Bird' girls and boys. You are welcome to fly with our registered charter members. However, all Marmalade Skies registered bidders must be of legal age. Those restrictions are outlined in the terms and conditions section on the website.

Managing my account

I forgot my password. How do I log in? Back to top

A new password can automatically be reset here.

Can I change my password? Back to top

You can change your password from the 'My Account' page, or reset your password if needed.

How can I update my credit card information? Back to top

Log onto your Marmalade Skies account and then click 'My Account'. You can edit or add a new credit card there.

Bidding on & paying for flights

How do I place a bid? Back to top

If you're already joined the Marmalade Skies community, just log in and you're ready to go. If you haven't joined, take a few moments to register now.

To place a bid, input the 'next minimum bid' amount or the maximum amount you want to bid into the field and click the Bid Now button. You will be asked to confirm your bid on the following page. Be sure to click the 'Confirm Bid' button, otherwise your bid will not be placed.

What does Max Bid mean? Back to top

A Max Bid is the most you are willing to pay for an auction item. Consider placing a 'Max Bid' if you don't have time to monitor an auction. Your 'Max Bid' won't be displayed to other bidders, but will be displayed as the current bid based on the bidding increment. You won't pay the 'Max Bid' amount unless another bid increases yours to the next increment. Here's an example:

Auction item #29643 has a status of 'No bids have been placed yet'. The minimum bid is $500.

Steve places and confirms a Max Bid of $1,000. Steve's bid is displayed as $500. The next minimum bid is $550.

Mary places a bid of $550, but she is automatically notified onscreen that the bid was not accepted because it did not exceed the 'Max Bid' placed by a previous bidder (Steve).

Steve's bid is automatically increased to $550.If no other bids are placed, Steve is the winner at $550.If another bidder overtakes Steve's $1000 Max Bid, Steve will receive an 'Outbid Notice'.

Will I get notified if I am outbid? Back to top

Sure thing! You will receive an email the moment you are outbid. Place Marmalade Skies on your safe sender list so that these and other important notices don't get caught by your spam filter.

How do I know if I'm the winning bidder? Back to top

We'll send you an email with the good news as soon as the auction is over. After your credit card has been successfully processed, you will receive a 'Congratulations Email' complete with all the details and a receipt. A Marmalade Skies VIP Concierge Representative will call you directly to help with your flight.

How do I pay for an item? Back to top

The credit card you provided when you joined will automatically be billed for the final bid amount any applicable sales tax. We can accept wire transfers or bank checks. If you are interested in paying this way, please contact us prior to the auction close at info@MarmaladeSkies .com or at (203) 650-5166 from 9 AM - 6 PM ET. Marmalade Skies does not accept personal checks.

Will I be charged sales tax? Back to top

We're law abiding citizens and here's what the law demands: Federal Excise Tax is a government tax that equates to 7.5% of the total flight charges plus $3.90 per leg per passenger. These fees are collected by all charter and fractional operators for all flights made within the United States and to and from destinations located within 225 miles of the U.S. border.

Can I retract a bid? Back to top

No, and we're pretty strict about this. Here's the legalese: All bids placed on the Marmalade Skies website are legally binding. If you are the successful bidder, you will enter into a legal contract to purchase the item and will be considered the buyer of the lot. Please consider your bids carefully before placing them.

How secure is my credit card transaction? Back to top

We take your credit card security seriously! We require all Users to print out, sign and date their boarding passes in order to authorize the charges billed to your credit card on file. Upon arrival at the airport you will be required to present your valid ID and provide your signed and dated boarding pass to the pilot or charter company's authorized designee so they may check you into the flight by scanning the unique QR-Code and collecting the form. This security measure will insure that no one will be able use your credit card to make a fraudulent purchase and that services were rendered for your flight.

My flight

What is a Deadhead? Back to top

A Deadhead is a flight segment an aircraft must fly, with or without passengers, in order to get into position for a charter or to return to its home base. These are called Deadhead, empty leg or ferry segments. If you are flying one-way between two points and a plane has to fly between the same two points, flying on a Deadhead can save you money.

What is Flash Seats? Back to top

Charter operators and regional carriers fly direct to some amazing destinations like Nantucket and St. Barts. Now they can sell their available space aboard qualified flights by running a flash sale on Marmalade Skies. Flash Seats are usually listed on the site ninety-minutes before wheels up at 50% off the regular fare. If you see a great last minute deal on Marmalade Skies by-it-now and save. You'll be glad you did.

What is Flight Request? Back to top

One of the coolest things you can do on Marmalade Skies is chartering aircraft by submitting a Flight Request. If you already spend large on private jet travel then this services is for you! Just enter your flight request via our super simple 3-step flight wizard and let hundreds of charter companies bid on your business. You'll get to see all the live bids and select the aircraft you want. It's never been so easy and transparent before. List your Flight Request today on Marmalade Skies and save big.

I've won! Back to top

We've got you covered! One of our super friendly Marmalade Skies VIP Concierge Representatives will contact you after the auction closes. They'll be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with your flight.

What are my options for catering on my flight? Back to top

At Marmalade Skies, we understand that our members are the most important assets of our company therefore, we don't set a limit for catering or any special services you might need. We can arrange almost anything you could want for your jet charter flight. Just ask your Marmalade Skies VIP Concierge Representative and they'll be glad to arrange for anything you may need.

May I bring my pets with me? Back to top

Most of the time you can, and Marmalade Skies values the comfort and safety of your pet. We require your pet to be restrained for takeoff and landing, as well as during turbulent air conditions. Small household pets such as dogs and cats need to be in a travel cage(s) for take-off and landing to ensure their safety. During the flight, your pet is free to move about the cabin (special cleaning charges may apply if a pet soils the cabin). If you are traveling beyond the 48 contiguous states with a pet, you may need special permits. Permits can take some time to obtain so please plan in advance when traveling with a pet outside of the continental United States. Please note that exotic animals may not be allowed, especially on international flights.

How long before my flight do I have to get to the airport? Back to top

For all Deadhead flights please confirm that your flight is a 'Go' before you leave for the airport. Please be advised that your Deadhead flight can be cancelled or delayed due to changes made by the originating charter.

Please be advised that its best arrive at the airport is 90-minutes before the scheduled departure time listed on winning bid email notification you've received.

Where do I go to meet my plane? Back to top

When you fly privately, your plane will depart from a small private terminal called an FBO. These small terminals provide passengers with a lounge area, baggage handling and parking facilities. Many airports have more than one FBO location. Please make sure to get FBO information from your Marmalade Skies VIP concierge flight representative.

What happens once I arrive at the airport? Back to top

Please check in at main reception area at the Flight Base Operations center (FBO). Your pilots will be waiting for you. They'll escort you to the airplane and load your baggage. Some airports allow you to drive your car right up to the aircraft to board.

How much luggage can I take? Are golf clubs allowed on private jets? Back to top

Private jets have weight limits with regard to the amount of luggage that can be stowed during a trip. Items such as skis and golf clubs are allowed as long as they conform to the dimensions and weight limits of the aircraft. These weight limits vary by aircraft type. Ask your Marmalade Skies VIP Concierge Representative if you have concerns about excess baggage and special items to be included in your luggage.

Will there be other passengers on my Deadhead flight? Back to top

As the winner of a Deadhead listing you've won the entire lot. This means that you can invite whom ever you'd like to join the flight up to the total number of available seats on the aircraft at no additional charge. Each person in your party must provide the necessary identification and documentation before boarding.

How to check-in for my flight? Back to top

Please print out your boarding pass receipt that you received via email notification and authorize Marmalade Skies to bill your credit card on file for your purchase by dating and signing the form with your signature. Please bring the signed boarding pass to the airport with you and present it with your valid driver's license or passport to the pilot or the charter company's authorized designee. They will collect your boarding pass and scan the QR-Code so you can check-in to your flight and board the aircraft.

Flight boarding requirements

Am I required to present identification before each flight? Back to top

For travel within the US, all that is needed is a govt. photo ID. Outside the U.S., flying to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, a current passport is required. You will be asked to show these documents upon boarding of the aircraft. Your information will not be shared with anybody and will only be used for confirmation purposes.

What documents will I need to fly internationally? Back to top

Passports are required for all passengers for all trips outside the United States. In addition, those holding a Permanent Resident Card must provide a copy of the card so we may coordinate customs arrangements with the proper governmental authorities. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by both of their parents. If traveling with only one parent, the parent not traveling must submit a notarized, verifiable permission letter three days prior to departure.

Border crossing cards cannot be used in lieu of passports when traveling by air.

My safety

How safe is jet charter travel? Back to top

Traveling by charter jet is as safe as commercial air carrier travel because charter jets are regulated by the same organization the Federal Aviation Administration.

Rest assured that all of our Charter Partner's private jets undergo the strictest safety and jet maintenance schedules required by the FAA Safety Standards. Specifically, the FAA Part 135 and Part 121 regulations apply to all private jet charters. No private jet charter company can utilize planes that are not certified by the FAA.

Who maintains the plane and how? Back to top

Aircraft are maintained subject to the aircraft manufacturer's specifications as approved by the FAA. Based on aircraft age, make and model they are subject to routine inspections according to an established timeline and hours in the air. The FAA requires inspections every 12, 24 and 48 months, as well as major inspections at the 5-year, 10-year or 12-year mark, depending on the aircraft. The FAA may also require inspections every 300, 600, 1200, 2400, and 4800 flight hours depending on the aircraft age, make and model. The FAA requires that aircraft are inspected and maintained by FAA licensed and certified technicians who are trained to maintain and repair specific aircraft makes and models.

Who flies the plane and how do I know the pilot is safe? Back to top

Private jets used for the provision of charter service are required by the FAA to operate under Part 135 and Part 121 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Pilots have to meet rigorous training requirements set by the FAA. In addition to being qualified as pilots, they are required by the FAA to be certified to fly specific aircraft types. They are required by the FAA to go through recurrent simulator training every 6 months and are subject to regularly scheduled physical exams, drug testing and FAA flight checks.

What about weather? Back to top

Weather can affect your flight plans when chartering just as it can affect airline schedules. The FAA has many regulations concerning weather, types of aircraft, and pilot capabilities. Some aircraft are equipped with various optional equipment that allows operation in complex weather such as icing conditions or heavy rain showers. Pilots are trained not to fly an aircraft if the weather conditions do not meet the standards of his certification. Always trust the decision of your professional pilot when it comes to weather and flight safety.

Why are passenger weights required? Back to top

Recording passenger and luggage weight is an FAA requirement, and helps ensure flights are operated safely and efficiently.

My billing & payments

What happens if I need to cancel or make changes to my Deadhead flight? Back to top

Marmalade Skies works when the selected Deadhead flight is a confirmed 'Go'. Naturally, all Deadhead flights are cancelable at any time due to the originator of the primary flight rescheduling or canceling for unforeseen reasons. Bottom line: if you're spontaneous, Marmalade Skies helps you live large and save big on 'Go' flights!

If you're the winning bidder of a Deadhead lot and the flight is a 'Go' you'll not be able to reschedule, make changes or cancel your flight.

If your Deadhead flight is canceled for any of the reasons delineated above you will receive a full refund for your flight.

Can cancel or make changes to my round trip charter flight? Back to top

You can cancel or make changes to your Flight Request charter up to 48-hours prior to your flight unless a different condition is set to a specific flight. If you need to cancel or make changes within 24 hours of your flight, we will pass on any incurred costs.

What are Marmalade Skies payment terms? Back to top

We require a full payment via credit card, wire transfer or certified bank check when you're the winning bidder of a Deadhead flight lot or when you purchase a seat via a Flash Seats. All Charter Flight Request sales must be paid in full within 48-hours of departure.

I'm flying like a 'Rock Star' can I behave like one? Back to top

If you're Peter Townshend of The Who maybe you can afford to get a little unruly aboard a multi-million dollar private jet. Please remember that if you damage anything on board during your flight the jet charter company will bill you directly for it. Please sit back and relax. Enjoy the ride and chill in style.

Marmalade Skies operates on behalf of its registered members and serves as their auction agent. It does not own or operate aircraft. All charter flights are operated by FAA Certified Part 135 and or Part 121 air carriers.